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Agile Coaching, Consulting, and Training Specializing in Remote/Virtual Team Agile Coaching for Small Businesses & Non-Profits

If it takes your team more than 3 months to produce something valuable for your customers, then you might benefit from an Agile Coach or Agile Training for your team/organization. While its roots are found in the software development community, an Agile Management Methodology can be brought to almost ANY team in ANY industry.

Agile is about responding quickly to change. Its about proactively acknowledging that all projects have risks. Agile principles can help any organization properly plan for risk mitigation and management.

If you have no idea what Agile is or how it can apply to your organization, take a look at this handy Agile 101 description. When you’re done reading that, come back here and let’s get started working together to improve your team’s productivity.

The decision is the work.

– coderighter
Custom Software & MVP Development Getting tech products to market for Startups and Small Businesses.

You’re a small business owner or startup and you have an idea for a tech product, BUT you’re not a techie. You need reliable tech talent to build your MVP (Minimally Viable Product) or full-featured software product. Building an on-budget and on-time MVP requires more than just tech know-how though. You need someone that can deliver on all aspects of rapid, full-lifecycle development which includes: Planning, Team Augmentation, Solution Design, Solution Implementation, and Team Operations to name a few.

writing code is an activity. righting code is a journey.

– coderighter
WordPress Website Development Creating New or Improved Websites for Small Businesses & Non-Profits

Does your current website builder or platform leave you feeling limited? Are you a soon-to-be website owner and not sure how to get started on your first website? The are many common mistakes when trying to DIY it for your website – most of which are made in those first few steps. Don’t get started without at least a consultation from a professional. I can work with you to get you started ONLY (a Semi-DIY Package) or on your entire project (full-service Packages available).

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