Tech Please!

A WordPress Website Starter Workshop

[Live Webinar]

Are you a busy bootstrapping small business owner that’s tired of putting off getting your website done due to budget or time constraints?

Sometimes the hardest part (and the thing you’re dreading most) is all the up-front tech stuff.  That’s why I’ve put together the Tech Please! workshop.

I want to help you get all the tech done in under an hour with help.

Plus, I will share with you a roadmap for next steps that you can complete on your own after the workshop.

What You'll Get

  • FREE Pre-Workshop Checklist

  • 1-Hour Workshop with Live Human Help

  • WordPress Installed & Configured

  • Roadmap for Simple Post-Workshop Steps

  • Exclusive Discounts for Future Workshops & Services

Get a Head Start on Your Website Now!

Download a FREE Pre-Workshop Checklist

Did you know you can lose your domain name if you begin your research in the wrong places?  Use this Pre-Workshop checklist to begin your name research in a risk-free way plus get some other useful step-by-step tips for beginning your site.

Choose Your Workshop Preference

No matter what workshop-style you choose, by the end of the call you will have a website up, running, and ready for your unique content!

Small Group ($299.00/person $99 Limited Time Price)

The small group session is ideal for you if you have completed the FREE Pre-Workshop Checklist and are ready to dive right in to the rest with my help. Group sessions are kept to no more than 5 people so that you can get more personalized attention and be able to get your questions answered.

One-to-One ($399.00 – $199 Limited Time Price)

A one-to-one session is ideal for you if you want to go through the Pre-Workshop checklist with help and/or just want to have the opportunity to ask several questions about your unique needs.