App Development
for Bootstrapping Non-Technical Startup Founders

You’re a startup founder and you have an app idea you need built but you’re not quite sure how to find the right developer to get started working on it.
Ohhh… and on top of that you’re somewhere between bootstrapping and venture-backed. So you need the right tech talent for YOUR startup budget. Sound familiar?

Tech Team Staffing, Training & Coaching

Product Management & Engineering

App Prototyping

Market Validation

It’s Not Too Late To Stop (or Avoid) These Common Non-Tech Startup Founder Mistakes

Your mindset, not your budget, can be your most limiting factor to getting an app idea launched.

You’ll Launch Your App Idea Within 3 Months (And On Your Budget)

Skip (or Reduce) Your Solopreneur DIY Frustrations

Get started without learning to code, figuring out geek speak, or finding a technical co-founder/CTO. We speak plain (business) english and so should you.

Avoid Developer Hiring Struggles

Most startup founders (even technical ones) don’t realize that the first hire for app development should be a Product Manager… NOT a developer. Never waste countless hours again searching for a freelance developer to begin working on your app.

Start With a Plan That Fits YOUR Budget

You really can get started with ANY budget if you begin by working with an experienced Product Manager who can help you build a plan, roadmap, and engineering team that is tailored to your business needs.

And Here’s How To Get Started

First, take a deep breath. Right now. Seriously. Are you done? Let’s begin.  Here are your steps.

  • Download a Planning Worksheet

    Use our planning worksheet (a Google Slides template doc) to help you think through and jot down some of the key aspects of your app idea that are going to help you start thinking differently about your launch plans to make them affordable and achievable within 3 months.

  • Attend an App Owner Orientation Workshop

    Once you’ve started your planning worksheet, register to attend one of our App Owner Orientation Workshops so you can get instant actionable advice for how to make use of and improve the plan. After the workshop, you’ll be more prepared to take next steps (of hiring us… or any team for that matter!). We will go into detail about the 7 Deadly Startup Founder Mistakes that we mentioned above and how to avoid them.

  • Hire Our Team

    If you’ve done the planning, budgeted time and money for your app to be developed, and you are ready to get a Product Managemer started within 30 days, then schedule a Project Initiation call.