About coderighter

code writing is an activity. code righting is a journey.

I’m Shonna Smith, the founder and owner of coderighter.  I have spent over 20 years working as a software engineer and tech team lead on full lifecycle enterprise software development projects for big business and big government. I now enjoy turning this skillset towards the small business community – especially the minority-owned small business community.

I enjoy helping other small business owners like me realize a tech product dream that is stalled or may seem unachievable due to lack of tech know-how or lack of major funding.

As an Agile advocate, I most enjoy helping tech (and non-tech) teams transform into high-performing outfits – becoming more productive by employing Agile methods that improve team productivity, communication, and trust; and, most importantly, improving a business’s ability to constantly create something valuable.

As a Tech Education advocate, I spend a lot of time creating custom courses to teach technical subjects to learners of all ages – from school-age children all the way up to adult learners, from computer science entry-level topics all the way up to more advanced topics for adult professionals.

I enjoy teaching tech just as much as I enjoy making tech.  Hear more about my journey as a computer science professional in this interview done by LinkedIn as a part of their Career Clinic video series.

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It Takes a Village...

Great software requires a great team of specialists working harmoniously to incrementally deliver on a project’s goals.  The secret to success is having a village of strategic partners that stand ready to lend their expertise to your idea.

We deliver value to our clients by engaging partnerships for:

  • Copywriting for Websites, Social Media, and Apps
  • User Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX)
  • Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and related frameworks)
  • App Development (iOS, Android, Hybrid) for Prototypes and MVPs
  • Enterprise Java + Database Development
  • Development Operations (DevOps) utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other similar cloud-based server and data storage solutions
  • Agile Project Coaching, Leadership, and Training – We can provide your team with a Product Manager/Owner, Business Analyst, and/or Scrum Master support.

...And a Vision

Your tech is a reflection of YOUR business vision.  This is why all projects begin with a Discovery Session so we can get in touch with not just your tech needs but your business needs too.

A deep understanding of your business’s upcoming milestones is critical for drafting up a proposal that meets your project’s budget and timeline needs.

...And Determination

What are you waiting for?

You have a vision and I have your village.

We’re going to work well together if any of the following sounds good to you:

  • I believe in leading with empathy in all things – design choices that users appreciate, tech stack choices that you can maintain, and plain-english conversations that you can appreciate.
  • When working on web/app projects, I favor constant check-ins with you and your team on a weekly basis (preferably through video conferencing) so that we are always in synch with the progress being made on your project.
  • You have an idea that you’re passionate about, but you’re new to the tech stuff.  There’s so much to learn and it would be nice for someone to just show you Step 1, help you out with a solid plan, and rescue you from your tech strategy and implementation frustrations.

I’ll take the first step with you.

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